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about luntz global

For decades, Luntz Global’s team of creative specialists has been using the power of words to move clients forward. It’s about more than what people are saying. It’s about listening to what people are thinking and feeling, and understanding the emotion underneath language.  We find the Words that Work, so that you speak the same language that your audience does. Whether it’s for politics or for profit, marketing or messaging – we craft the right message, word for word and phrase by phrase.

In the political arena, our CEO, Dr. Frank Luntz, has been out in front on countless issues, showing how millions of Americans really talk about public policy. Dr. Luntz is known best for explaining how Americans call the "estate tax" exactly what it is, “a death tax." He showed that parents don’t debate "school vouchers," but they do discuss "opportunity scholarships." And he showed how Americans don’t want “drilling for oil", but they do want “American energy exploration.”

At Luntz Global, we also work hand in hand with leading businesses from virtually every major global industry, including: Food and Beverages, Financial Services, Healthcare, Sports & Leisure, Travel and Tourism, Telecommunications, Energy, Entertainment…and the list goes on. When we say we know business language from the ground up, we mean it. Our experts craft language ready to meet the challenges of performance driven business advertising, marketing, and management.

If you are familiar with the Fortune 500 companies, then you already know some of our clients, and you’ve seen some of our work. What you may not know is that there are thousands of small businesses and organizations that have used our Fortune 500 caliber language to build a better organization.

what’s different about luntz global?

We came up in politics. We know what it means to get a job done quickly without a safety net. And we get the job done right so that you have the peace of mind that only measurable, real-time results can offer.

Our deadline driven work-ethic and attention to detail has also made us a mainstay in business communications. We don’t back down from challenges, we face them…head on.  We stand side-by-side with clients when their message matters most. And we guide them through make-or-break public moments.

We do it with facts. Our signature blend of survey backed market research, combined with qualitative instant response focus groups, brings to the surface exactly the messages that move hearts and change minds.

We do it with accountability. We’ll be honest; sometimes our clients don’t like the results of their research. We get it. But we don’t sugar-coat the truth, and we never hide the facts. Our clients get a comprehensive understanding of their opportunities and their challenges so that they can create a strategy that wins.

We do it with commitment. Anytime, anyplace – we bring our passion for a better level of debate to our clients wherever they are. And we stop at nothing so that our clients may drive public opinion, not be driven by it. We stand behind clients who stand before the public every step of the way.

It’s the Luntz Global Advantage. Words that work for you.

Learn more: Download "An Introduction to Luntz Global"