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this is why we believe in instant response

We believe in Instant Response for a number of reasons:

It allows us to isolate and test a limitless number of specific words and phrases. Traditional polling can test a few words or sentences, but after about 20 minutes, the participant will stop responding. Focus groups allow for greater language testing but the sample size is too small and the one- to two-hour sessions are too confining. Three-hour Instant Response sessions allow us an unparalleled opportunity to dive deep into perceptions of a message and accurately understand not just what people think, but how they respond.

It allows us to test complicated pitches essential to new message development. No other research methodology is as effective in 360-degree testing of multiple-page brochures, full-page newspaper ads, online marketing and website development, annual reports or client presentations. There is simply no other accurate way to determine the best language for everything from a 30-second ad to a brochure.

An Instant Response session will isolate “the best” and “the worst” in language and messages. Perhaps the greatest value of an Instant Response session is that it allows the client to determine the absolute best way of communicating and protects them from the mistakes. In every great presentation there will be low points – sometimes verbal and sometimes visual. Instant Response isolates those low points, helping the client to fix or improve the words, messages or themes.

The presentation has a greater impact on the client than any other form of public opinion research.
Numbers can only take you so far. Focus group tapes or transcripts do not capture the emotion of the respondents. Seeing computer-generated, continuous lines that move across the face and voice of the tested individual is the most powerful way available to demonstrate immediate and precise public reaction. A five-minute Instant Response presentation tape often has a greater impact than a 90-minute polling presentation.

The results are reliable. While attitudes differ by region of the country, gender, age and a host of other demographics, the best lines developed using the Instant Response technology are likely to work everywhere with everyone. We have never delivered a line from an Instant Response session that failed with the general public.