Instant Response Focus Group

Instant Response Focus Group

Instant response dial sessions allow us to explore, chart, and act on public opinion. They allow us to apply scientific measurement to the world of human emotion and feeling.


We have never delivered a line from an Instant Response session that has failed with the general public.

Our approach allows us to isolate and test a limitless number of specific words and phrases. It allows us to test complicated pitches essential to new message development. No other research methodology has the proven versatility to test brochures, websites, print ads, digital marketing, annual reports, and client presentations.

But it goes beyond technology. Our three-hour sessions are twice as long as traditional focus groups, giving you time to dig deeper. Our sample size is also two to three times bigger than a traditional focus group, which means conclusions have finer detail. And we recruit and select participants using dozens of data points, ensuring the most accurate focus group sample possible.

The results are reliable. While attitudes differ by region, gender, age, and a host of other demographics, the best lines developed using the Instant Response technology can be applied in just about any situation. We have never delivered a line from an Instant Response session that has failed with the general public.

How Do They Work?

Carefully selected participants assemble in a focus group facility (the kind with a room and a one-way mirror). Clients sit “behind the glass” and observe. An experienced moderator, like Dr. Frank Luntz, leads the group.

Each participant is given a wireless device about the size of a smartphone. A dial (calibrated from 1 to 100) sits at the device’s center.

Participants provide demographic information relevant to the question at hand (e.g., liberal vs. conservative; male vs. female; “used the product” vs. “never used the product”). Once they have completed specially developed language exercises, we start the dials…

…and that’s where it gets exciting. We show participants video – a commercial, a speech, a debate, etc. – and they respond, turning the dial second by second, phrase by phrase, word by word. Our system integrates the live data, segments it by demographics, and displays it to the back-room audience as a series of trace lines along with the video. The moderator follows up with probing questions to understand why participants feel the way they do.

It’s fact-based. It works. And it’s fun for the participants, too.

The dials never lie.