How We Do It

If you want a standard market research firm, you are in the wrong place.
Our firm has pioneered some of the most effective, cutting-edge approaches to targeted research.
Language never stops evolving – nor will our approach.

Instant Response Dial Sessions and Interactive Focus Groups

Our dial sessions deliver reliable public insights in real time. The result: an in-depth understanding of the positions, priorities, and passions of the people you need to reach. No other research methodology has the proven versatility to test everything from TV spots to CEO sound bites, websites to print ads.

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Language Benchmark Survey

The same ideas that sound great within the walls of your office can fall utterly flat with the public. That’s why we design surveys that deliver word-specific answers to your need-to-know questions, so you’re able to pivot – or double down – before launch. There’s no certainty quite like meaningful data – and it costs far less than rolling the dice.

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Ongoing Strategic Partnerships

Whatever you want to say, run it past eyes and ears attuned to the nuances of language. Our wordsmiths lean on decades of experience as speechwriters, producers, and editors to help you create the right messaging to reach your target audience. And our tailored feedback will ensure you deliver those words in a clear, compelling and credible way.

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