Instant Response Dial Sessions

Patented Dial Technology

We use patented, handheld Instant Response "Dials" to isolate specific words, phrases, and visual concepts. We test targeted language, via YouTube videos, television interviews, speeches, and advertisements. We then add our own content, created in our dedicated media lab, by our team of language experts.

Our participants then react second-by-second to what they see, hear, and feel. You will know immediately what works ... and what doesn't. The data is visual and visible, so there's no hiding place if you get it wrong.

Luntz Language Lab

The Luntz Language Lab is our proprietary app that adds a quantifiable element to qualitative research. With specially created visual and verbal exercises filled out by participants on iPads, we have the capacity to test words, phrases, facts, and visuals and then analyze them in real time with your target demographic. This innovative methodology gives us another angle of uncovering their unvarnished, unbiased, and brutally honest opinions.

Specialized Recruiting

The recruitment for Luntz Global's Instant Response sessions is more detailed, more precise, and thus more accurate than any firm in the industry. We use dozens of data points to identify the unique characteristics of each individual to ensure they fit the exact profile you want and need to target. So what you hear from an LGP group is exactly what you'd expect your target audience to say.

Language Creation

Our team of in-house moderators hold deep and diverse experience in their respective fields. Our in-depth understanding of the subject matter means we will never provide generic recommendations. We explore your language and that of your competitors and then craft language of our own, which we refine as the session unfolds. You'll walk away with recommendations that are both precise and proven to be better than anyone else communicating in your space.

Actionable Results

Many research firms simply dump a thousand pages of data at your door, but LGP have built a reputation for going much further. Our touchstone product is a strategic language memorandum that is as immediately actionable as it is indispensable, empowering you to proceed with complete confidence.