Language Benchmark Survey

Data-Driven Projections

We use our expertise in language, communications, and marketing strategies to deliver meaningful insights you can't find anywhere else. Our results show you where you need to go in the future and how to get there, while most agencies tell you where your brand stands at a moment in time.

Clear Priorities

We don't just ask up or down, yes or no questions. Any research firm can do that. We dig into the critical specifics exploring what matters and why.

Beyond establishing priorities, we craft and test the language that best describes them. That ultimately turns a complicated opportunity into a compelling plan for action.

Creative Question Construction

Typical survey construction is boring and redundant, which leads to lower response rates and higher costs.

Our well designed questionnaires are longer than those from other firms, but capture and keep attention throughout the whole survey. This differentiated approach leads to more interesting surveys, more engaged respondents, and better results for you.

Audience Targeting

We conduct market segmentation to efficiently and effectively reach your most coveted audiences – opinion influencers, investors, moms, or millennials.

That means you know what to expect from key demographics, so that you can go into your campaign confident your communication strategy works.

Tailored Recommendations

Our relationship truly begins when the results are in. Our industry experts will provide strategic guidance every step of the way as you implement the strategies, tactics, and language resulting from your research.

We deliver an instantly actionable language memorandum that does not simply give you language that is effective, but also proven to be better than anyone else in your space.