Ongoing Strategic Partnerships

Versatility & Speed

Our team of industry experts, strategic thinkers, and specialty writers are at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Working in close collaboration with your in-house team, we turn around documents as fast as you need them: op-eds, talking points, speeches, press releases, shareholder letters, or mission statements.

Our deliverables are as informed as they are instantly deployable, which means you can address any issue that arises with speed, efficiency, and confidence.

Enhance Your Skills

We don't merely tell you what to say but, as importantly, WHY. Luntz Global is famous for decades of groundbreaking quantitative and qualitative research, but what makes us different is that we'll share our expertise with your writers and communicators.

As a strategic partner, we don't just give you the results; we'll show you why they work, and how we created them.

Your Words ... Your Voice

When we write for you – whether a keynote address, mission statement, website copy – we do so in YOUR authentic voice with an eye to YOUR unique audience that is true to YOUR brand.

We meticulously study the communication complexities of each one of our clients, so the words speak to you, just as much as your audience. That means you'll be empowered to master (and not just memorize) the content.

Personalized Approach

We work for presidents. CEOs. Sports team owners. Studio heads. Trade association executives. So it isn't enough for our work to be well crafted. It needs to be proven among the most unforgiving audiences and purposefully designed to maximize impact.

How do we do it? We craft a story that speaks directly and emotionally to audience perceptions and aspirations. The end result? A highly targeted set of language that moves both skeptics and supporters.

Maximum Value

In addition to the dedicated resources, personalized service, creative benefits, and a strategic blueprint, there are also meaningful, measurable financial advantages of a Luntz Strategic Partnership.

Personalized service + financial incentives = maximum value.