Survey: Demand for Personal Vehicles Still Strong

Car ownership looks to remain a pillar of American transportation for the foreseeable future, based on new research Luntz Global conducted on behalf of the National Auto Dealers Association (NADA).

In March 2018, Luntz Global surveyed 1,200 Americans, in order to learn more about their priorities, perceptions, and expectations related to new and emerging innovations in the auto industry.

The survey examined consumer attitudes – positive and negative – about personal car ownership, autonomous vehicles, and ride-sharing, among other transportation topics.

The level of consumer demand for personal car ownership has been the subject of much speculation both within and outside the auto industry.  Some analysts have gone so far as to predict the end of personal car ownership in the near future.

But what analysts predict isn’t always what consumers end up deciding.

Despite recent reports that predicted that recent innovations in transportation services would lead to a reduction in personal car ownership, the research found that consumer demand for owning an automobile remains strong across the board.

Even among Millennials, who’ve been born and raised in an on-demand, gig economy, personal car ownership is primed to remain the foundation of American transportation.

Excerpts from the Car Ownership Survey

View the full NADA writeup for more detail on the key findings from the study – as well as footage from the presentation of the data at the 2018 Automotive Forum in New York.

Research Design

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