Work with us – we’re hiring

Luntz Global Partners seeks a talented, energetic, and quick-witted Communications Advisor to join our tight-knit team.

At the intersection of communications and marketing stands Luntz Global Partners – a nimble agency that crafts compelling storylines using the precise lens of public opinion research. We have a proven track record, with global powerhouse clients that include, but aren’t limited to, Fortune 500 companies and Fortune 50 multinationals, technology pioneers, social policy thought-leaders, influential DC associations, and emerging change-makers.

And we’re only getting started.

The Communications Advisor will be an integral contributor to our growing enterprise. Candidates should have a deep appreciation for the written word, a creative affinity, and a headstrong curiosity. They will be asked to dive into a fast-paced environment in which no two days are the same. In the morning, you may be working on storyboards for a global product launch; after lunch, crafting a speech for a household name you’ll see on the evening news.

Namely, as a Communications Advisor with Luntz Global Partners, you’ll:

  • Research and write about issues of the day in a variety of formats, from presentations to press releases (and everything in between);
  • Think critically about – and craft yourself – messaging, strategy, and written statements for people and products in fields as far-ranging as technology, healthcare, financial services, and politics;
  • Be embedded in our DC office so you have the opportunity to sit regularly and collaborate closely with senior staff and clients;
  • Travel the country – and, in time, the globe – to gain first-hand perspectives on the people our clients are trying to reach, the opinions they’re trying to shape, and the obstacles they’re attempting to overcome;
  • Work thoughtfully, thoroughly, and time-sensitively on all projects. Please note, these will include topics you follow in the news and issues you care about personally. (This is not a job for the disengaged.)


That’s why in seeking an ideal candidate, we believe applicants should:

  • Have top-notch written and oral communications skills, coupled with a willingness to master the LGP style and research methodologies.
  • Be motivated, but not competitive. Our firm’s success is due to our team’s close collaboration – and consistent editing of each other’s work.
  • Have a bachelor’s degree with 1-5 years work experience in a relevant and/or complementary field. (Please note: We are NOT looking for senior staff at this time. This position is geared to young professionals looking to gain first-rate and fast-paced communications experience.)

How to apply: Please submit your resume, a brief cover letter, and two writing samples to