Not a day goes by without one of our clients making the front page. Sometimes, it’s the business section, other times the sports, science, or technology pages – and yes, often above the fold in opinion and politics. Our commitment to individual service spans across a diverse range of clients – big and small, political, corporate, and nonprofit.

Diverse Industries

With increasingly specialized industries comes the need for targeted, nuanced language. We help our business clients effectively and efficiently engage their customers, employees, and the public at large.

If you’ve worked with Fortune 500 companies, then you already know many of our clients. What you may not know is that there are thousands of other organizations large and small that have used our language to refine, refresh, and revitalize their messaging. And we’ve delivered in a wide variety of industries, including energy, education, high tech, hospitality, health care, professional sports, movies, TV, and more.

International Expertise

A more connected world doesn’t make for easier communication. One cultural misstep can spell the difference between winning and losing an audience – or an election.

We specialize in discovering the on-the-ground language that locals and insiders use, so you hit the right notes.

We work in more than two dozen countries to design and implement marketing and political strategies for top global brands, personalities, and causes. We know what it takes to listen, learn, and then execute brand strategies across borders and cultures.

Associations and Public Policy

In the political world, it’s often best to prepare for everything and assume nothing. Trade associations and public policy advocates that engage on critical issues facing America do so on a shifting and unstable ground. We leverage the words that work to tether causes to meaningful, measurable results.

Our team – and our influence – spans the political spectrum. We openly and enthusiastically work on both sides of the aisle – often trying to bring the two together over common ground and principles. For us, it’s not about party; it’s about public policies and how they align with what constituents deserve.

Our Clients

Southern Company

“Working with Luntz Global does not feel like working with a consultant at all. It feels like working with family. At HBO we have long tenures and Luntz Global gives us real and objective insights, in a very comfortable way, to help us carve new pathways to fresh ideas and business approaches. Luntz Global cares about our business as if it’s their own.”


“Advertising is an art. Every word matters. Every visual matters. Every sequence matters. And nobody understands that better than the creative team at Luntz Global. Utilizing an innovative mix of qualitative and quantitative research, they help us perfect our ad campaigns before we go to market. Their insights are simply invaluable.”

— CKE Restaurants

“Nothing rivals the power of the right words at the right time. Luntz Global knows better than anyone else how to create and cultivate language that transforms ideas into action – with a consistent focus on the consumer. They’re a company to watch.”

— Transamerica

“No one else does what Luntz Global does. Their team has tackled some of our thorniest challenges, delivering vital insight into what our users think and feel, and creative, compelling language that simply works.”

— Fortune 100 Tech Company

“These are the world’s best professionals.”

— The Guardian (London)

“Luntz’s forte is constructing the phrase that persuades – always a skill in demand in corporate America.”

— BusinessWeek