Crisis Communications

Crisis Communications

In times of crisis, you have one shot to get it right. That’s it. And that’s precisely why gut feelings and guesswork won’t cut it. It’s not enough to think your response will work. You have to be CERTAIN.

What We Do How We Do It

Turn times of crisis into opportunities for a company to demonstrate its value and commitment to key audiences.

The skill and speed of your reaction can make a massive impact when managing a crisis. But too often overlooked are the specifics – the details that turn a problem into a disaster.

Think about it:

Shouldn’t some crisis management guru have told the CEOs of the major auto companies NOT to fly on three separate private jets to testify before Congress? Well, they didn’t.

Shouldn’t some public relations expert have told the former CEOs of Merrill Lynch, Home Depot, AT&T, and Pfizer NOT to take a huge bonus the same year that their companies’ stock, profits, and employment all suffered? Well, they didn’t.

We’re built to hit the ground running during critical moments in both the business and political arenas. We work fast – and we’re hardwired to get it right every time.