Media Relations & Training

Media Relations & Training

The ability to speak out has never been more important; yet never before have so many corporate leaders failed on the public stage.

What We Do How We Do It

Effectively position your policies, initiatives, track record, and vision on your terms.

Business graveyards are littered with CEOs who couldn’t explain what their company is about or why their mission matters. We will not only help you create the right messaging to reach your target audience, but we will ensure you deliver those very words in a way that builds credibility.

From workshops to closed-door sessions, we’ll take your team through the entire message delivery process. We’ll analyze previous media appearances to build on your strengths and address any weaknesses. We’ll conduct sample interviews, mock debates, and rapid-fire Q&A sessions that will be far tougher than what you’ll see live.

You’ll learn how to prepare … how to pivot … how to field tough questions and use them to advance core messages. We’ll help you polish sound bites, avoid traps, and develop body language that gives you the right stage presence.

If you can survive our Message Boot Camp, you can survive 60 Minutes, Bill O’Reilly, and Meet the Press.