Reputation & Issue Management

Reputation & Issue Management

We do more than just measure public support for your policies or products. We couple big ideas with world-class language so that you take hold of the news cycle.

What We Do How We Do It

Effectively move and motivate those who allow you to conduct business.

Every year, top companies trip over issues they could have seen coming, if they were better attuned to themes playing out beyond the walls of the corporate campus.

The best time to focus on your reputation? Before an issue surfaces.

You can control the tone and timing of any debate through carefully crafted language that puts the public on your side.

We changed the “estate tax” to the “death tax.” That changed the course of legislative history.

We changed “global warming” to “climate change.” Even opponents acknowledged how those two words significantly impacted the public debate.

We changed “drilling for oil” to “exploring for energy.” That helped energy companies secure the rights to develop more energy resources right here in America.

We changed “school choice” to “parental choice” and “vouchers” to “opportunity scholarships.” That has helped education reform efforts in more than a dozen states.

In today’s news cycle, silence is no longer an option. Either you determine the message or someone else will.