Alyssa Salvo


As the president at Luntz Global, Alyssa Salvo provides comprehensive communication strategies to a wide range of clients, including Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits, trade associations, and sports organizations. Specific clients she has advised include the NFL, Fox Sports, Google, the University of Phoenix, Westfield, and countless others.

Alyssa’s guidance ranges from crisis communication to policy advocacy, reputation issues to consumer challenges. In addition to the language-centric work for which LG is traditionally known, she also specializes in programmatic strategies for television networks, where she provides direction on tone, talent, layout, and content for a variety of shows.

Her in-depth understanding of public opinion stems from hundreds of dial sessions she’s conducted both nationally and globally. As part of the research process, she leads diverse teams of colleagues in executing a wide range of client end-products, including media training, presentations, and Luntz Global’s patented Language Dictionaries.

Before working at Luntz Global, she was a project coordinator at Luntz, Maslansky Strategic Research, where she worked for a half-dozen industry-leading companies.

She is a graduate of Princeton University, with a degree in politics. At Princeton, her concentration was on modern American politics, specifically the fundamentals of campaigns and elections.