Nick Wright


Nick Wright has been tied up at gunpoint while campaigning to rid Zimbabwe of Robert Mugabe. He has come under direct fire while polling one of Iraq’s first democratic elections. He inhaled tear gas in Islamabad while establishing the Malala Campaign for girls’ education in Pakistan.

During those same years, he also designed and executed some of the most successful branding, reputational, and corporate campaigns in Britain, the U.S., Australia, and all around the world – including one that precluded the removal of a sitting prime minister.

He began his career as a researcher and speechwriter at Westminster. Over the past few years he has polled, fought, and won political, corporate, and charitable campaigns in over 25 countries. He specializes in designing deep – and accurate – campaign-based research, as well as winning communication strategies for leaders in all spheres. An advertisement he helped conceptualise, write, and create won the Reed Awards’ ‘Best International Campaign Ad’ in 2017.

Nick also pioneered Luntz Global’s latest messaging techniques in the U.K. and Australia, and is a certified QPMR, MSc, and Council Member of the Royal Institute of International Affairs in Sydney. His commentary and analysis is featured in The Australian, the BBC, Sydney Morning Herald, Radio Hong Kong, and The Guardian. He also lectures at the University of Sydney, in 2013 delivering a special lecture on Niccolo Machiavelli’s The Prince, exactly 500 years after the work’s first publication.