Yunna Leshchinskiy

Executive Assistant

Yunna Leshchinskiy is an Executive Assistant at Luntz Global Partners, where she oversees operations for the Washington D.C. office and facilitates a strong office culture.

She supports the Luntz Global partners and senior staff in everything from streamlining business development to managing client engagement. She also serves as the primary contact for members of the media and press. Yunna enjoys finding creative and innovative opportunities for the staff to connect, bond, and of course, not only eat, but eat well.

She’s proudly staffed various executives and has previously worked in the world of chocolate, biscuits, and beer, as well as in food styling.

On weekends, you can find her perusing a new art exhibit, throwing an elaborate dinner party, or tracking down a watering hole. She is in constant pursuit of a NY-style bagel in DC.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in International Relations with a focus on immigration and gender from Mount Holyoke College.